Coffee Questions

It really depends on your taste. If you like a traditional coffee taste, start with Focused or Fearless, as these are most popular. If you like your coffee to have a bit more "zing" try Audacious. If you need coffee for DIY cold brew, try Collected. If you want less of a caffeine kick or something to drink in the afternoon, try Balanced. And if you don't like making decisions, go with Open-Minded! : )

Our coffee team travels the world to build and nurture relationships with coffee farmers and trade with them directly. This results in a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario where farmers earn above market prices, we get access to high quality coffee beans and you get to enjoy the end result of a perfect cup.

Specialty grade coffee is a title given to beans that have been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association as meeting a demanding criteria for quality. So demanding, in fact, that it's estimated that only 3% of all coffee in the world is considered specialty grade.

Short answer, no, but there's a lot more to this story. For small farmers, like many we work with directly, being certified as Organic is incredibly expensive and risky to pursue. This doesn't mean that their crops are not of high quality, and in many cases, they often grow their crops the way their families have for generations, completely free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. So while we can't and don't promise Organic certified coffee, we do promise high-quality coffee that's grown as sustainably as possible to support the ongoing advancement of small farms.

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Returns, Refunds & Cancellations

With our Perfect Cup Guarantee, you can request a refund for coffee that does not meet your expectations for quality and taste. Text NOTPERFECT to 49882 and we’ll process your refund.